Rare moment caught by trail camera

With the frigid temperatures and thick snow cover around the midwest in recent weeks I started to worry about the health and stress of the deer herd. I knew food sources were going to be limited so I picked up a couple hundred pounds each of 20% protein cubes and corn from my local co-op. I was still uncertain about the percentage of deer that had shed up to this point, but I knew it had started in the past week. Little did I know a couple days later after pouring out the food that my camera would catch a rare moment, the shedding of a deer’s antler. In the video below you can see a four year old buck named Little Ten come into view of the camera and start pushing many does and shed bucks off the food pile. He then lunges forward and chases off a younger shed buck and in the process the antler falls off. In one of the pictures you can see the antler in mid air just before it lands and rests in the snow next to the pile.

Measures 64 1/8

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